Holy Martyrs Catholic Church

Our Lady of Tender Compassion

The icon of Our Lady of Tender Compassion that you see in our worship area was specially commissioned for Holy Martyrs.   Our parish is named for the martyrs of the church, and especially the martyrs of the modern church. The image of the Blessed Mother as the exemplar of God’s compassion is a powerful symbol of divine comfort in times of need.  It reminds us of God’s care exemplified in the Mother of Christ who is also Mother of the Church and solace of those in need.


Our Lady of Tender Compassion - IMG_0575 (2)

    O Mother of Tender Compassion, Pray for us Who are in Need.

O my dear Lady, the most blessed and tenderly compassionate Mother of my Lord Jesus,

Please pray for the growth of my faith and the increase of my love for your Beloved Son so that,

together with all my brothers and sisters, I may learn to overcome the many challenges in this life and

look forward to life eternal with God in everlasting happiness, joy and peace.