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Journeying Stories

Graceful Passages

Buy now at Amazon.com Graceful Passages: A Companion for Living and Dying provides a set of spoken and written essays, poems, insights, stories and reflections from Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Ram Dass, Thich Nhat Hanh, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Ira Brook, MD and others, both as texts and set to music on CDs provided.

Remembering Well

Buy now at Amazon.com Remembering Well:Rituals For celebrating Life and Mourning Death invites the reader to consider how it is that rituals work to help the living and honor the human dignity and unique personhood of those who have died. The stories Sarah York tells invite the reader into new ways of looking at what […]

Amazing Grace

Buy now at Amazon.com Kathleen Norris’ Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith shares her reflections from encounters with words and concepts so widely used or misued that their meaning had for her become dilulted or obscured: words like salvation, conversion and dogm which now she sees as life-altering on her journey.

Traveling Mercies

Buy now at Amazon.com Anne Lamott’s Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith describes with charm and grace her awakening to faith and life. Her journey is full of surprises and unexpected moments of insight and joy, even when (and perhaps especially when) she discovers the ways she has been living no longer work for her. […]

Confessions of St. Augustine

Buy now at Amazon.com Confessions is a deeply moving story of Augustine’s conversion from sinner to saint. He shares his innermost thoughts and feelings, his most personal experiences with divine grace and his wrestling with timeless spiritual questions. Readers encounter Augustine in all his humanity yet will understand why St. Augustine is considered a doctor of the Church. 

The Seven Storey Mountain

Buy now at Amazon.com This is Thomas Merton’s classic autobiography detailing his life up to the point of entering the Cistercian (Trappist) monastery of the Abbey of Gethsemane in Bardstown, Kentucky.