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Men’s Spirituality

Riding the Dragon

Buy now at Amazon.com Dr. Robert Wicks presents 10 lessons for inner strength in challenging times. He uses short stories and short selections to invite the reader to discover ways to live life more in touch with one’s deepest priorities while keeping an awareness of and balance in physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

The Call of Service

Buy now at Amazon.com Dr. Robert Coles’ The Call of Service: A Witness to Idealism presents stories that inspire and strengthen our desire and resolve to live life generously, sharing the gifts and talents we have been given, not just because this helps others but because it leads to our own happiness and transforms our […]

Wrestling With Love

Buy now at Amazon.com Wrestling With Love: How Men Struggle With Intimacy presents psychologist Dr. Samuel Osherson’s insights into how our culture views men’s need for and ability to participate in intimate relationships and how men in our culture tend to respond by simultaneously desiring intimacy and shunning intimacy with parents, peers, children, and each […]

The Secrets of Happily Married Men

Buy now at Amazon.com Dr. Scott Haltzman and coauthor Theresa Foy Digeronimo present eight ways to “win your wife’s heart forever.” These strategies are presented with insight, humor and clarity and encourage husbands and wives to grow in appreciation for one another while building on their strengths.

Becoming Who You Are

Buy now at Amazon.com Fr. James Martin, SJ presents insights on the true self from Thomas Merton and other saints. Concise and clear, inviting, compelling and challenging, Fr. Martin’s story-telling leads us to discover our deepest self, the place where we dwell with God, and to live out of who we really are … freeing […]

Adam’s Return

Buy now at Amazon.com Fransican Fr Richard Rohr speaks on the spiritual challenges and promises necessary for a state of mature masculinity. He describes the longing men in our culture have to receive and provide nurturing and mentoring, especially those practices of initialtion that help men confront suffering, loss and death that they might live with wisdom and vision.