Holy Martyrs Catholic Church

Communications Committee

“Every reflection and every project must begin not so much with a fascination caused by the new means of communication but by the very nature and mission of the Church, which stems from the proclamation of the Word of God and grows as community, called in turn to proclaim. … Communication penetrates the whole life of the Church, the activities of her members, whether pastors or faithful and, if we want the message to reach the people of our time … the Church’s communication must be courageously embodied in new languages … ”
Fr. Federico Lombardi, SJ, Vatican Spokesman

Keeping parishioners informed about important developments in the parish and diocese as well as the many activities and programs that take place at Holy Martyrs over the course of a year is a high priority for us. Our Communications Committee is a new group that has been formed to expand the ways in which we communicate with our parishioners that are more in sync with the way people are communicating with each other today. We invite those with communications backgrounds, understanding of new communication technologies, skills in graphic design, talents in writing, and interests in visual display (posters, bulletin boards, etc.) to explore the possibility of sharing those gifts on this committee.

Staff Liaison: Janet Payton, 330.722.6633