Holy Martyrs Catholic Church

Ministries to Senior Adults

The “golden” years of life are no longer viewed as a time of decline; they are seen as a new phase of life, a time of fresh opportunities and new challenges. The ministries to older adults at Holy Martyrs parish are meant to nurture faith and build community at this important time of life,
and to help deepen our love for the Lord.

Every adult in our parish over 55 is encouraged and welcome to be part of these programs and activities.

These ministries are about more than being in a group. They are about the vital part our senior members have in the life of our parish and how our parish continues to minister to and encourage their spiritual growth throughout this time of life.

It is a law of nature that all living things must grow. To stop growing signals the end of life. That is not only true in the created world; it is true of us and our faith.

Jesus Christ never stops calling us to grow. At every age in life, there are spiritual opportunities and challenges. As we age, we need to embrace the opportunities to continue to thrive in body, mind and spirit.

At Holy Martyrs, we embrace the spirit of Pope Francis’ teachings about aging and faith. To help our members grow in the vocation of their senior years, here is a listing of some of the ministries for and with our senior members….

Seniors Eucharist
Quarterly, a special Mass will be celebrated for the senior members of our parish both living and deceased, for their families and for the needs of the whole community of Holy Martyrs. We are a Eucharistic people; there is nothing more important that we do.

Breaking Bread
During the year, special meals and gatherings with different themes will be held to allow our senior members to come together to enjoy food, fellowship and a good time, that helps build the spirit of community of Holy Martyrs.

Senior Days of Reflection
Each year, a special day is held that brings together the senior members of Holy Martyrs with a noted presenter to act as our spiritual guide. Each Day of Reflection includes talks, quiet time, reflection, good food and a special Eucharistic liturgy.

The Wisdom Community
Opportunities exist for our senior members to be part of special activities with the children and teens of Holy Martyrs, to share their wisdom and experience and be vitalized as they help make a difference in our young people’s lives.

Generations of Faith
Periodically, members of Holy Martyrs are invited to come together across generations to grow in faith. This is a wonderful experience for all generations.

Small Faith Groups
Small groups meet for five or six week sessions throughout the year to share about topics related to life and faith. Led by a trained facilitator. A great way to meet other people and grow in faith.

Even Better After 50
A cooperative program between Holy Martyrs Parish and the Marriage and Family Office of the Diocese of Cleveland, Even Better After 50 is for those 50+ who wish to experience optimal health, wellness and well-being in a Christian context. This program goes beyond diet and exercise and teaches how to harness our minds and spiritual strength to achieve optimal health in body, mind and spirit.

Loving for a Lifetime
Pope Francis has said that the primary spiritual requirement for couples in mature marriages is finding the ever-growing sacredness in their union. As couples mature, they face new challenges in their life and marriage. This program addresses how couples can create a happy, healthy,
and holy marriage in their senior years. Co-sponsored by Holy Martyrs Parish and the Diocese of Cleveland.

Serving Others
Service is an essential part of the Christian life. Our parish seniors are invited to be part of parish service projects and to develop new ones to act as Jesus did, selflessly and compassionately toward those in need.