Holy Martyrs Catholic Church

Altar Servers

“Your commitment to the altar is not only a duty, but a great honor, [and] a genuine holy service.”
Pope John Paul II

  Altar Servers 2015


Service to the parish community is a way to live out the life Jesus promised us in the sacrament of baptism. As members of the community of Holy Martyrs, Altar Servers answer the call to service that all baptized members receive. Our Altar Servers assist in the celebration of the sacred liturgy through the sharing of their talents and they contribute to the spirit of prayer through the reverent way they perform their tasks. At Holy Martyrs, Altar Servers serve the people of God primarily at each Saturday Vigil Mass, Sunday Masses, and Holy Days of Obligation throughout the year. Boys and girls who are in the fifth grade and up are invited to participate in this meaningful ministry. Each altar server is required to attend a one-hour training session before being scheduled to serve. Training sessions are held three or four times a year.

Staff Liaison: Diane Bruce, 330.722.6633