Holy Martyrs Catholic Church

Art & Environment

“As with other more established, and perhaps more recognized ministries in the parish, the work of those responsible for the liturgical environment is a ministry of the Church. It is also a ministry for the Church. All liturgical ministry serves the action of the liturgy, and the ministry of the environment is no exception. The art and environment of a place of worship is an integral part of the experience of our communal prayer, and can contribute to the beauty and richness of our encounter with the mystery of God among us. This implies that for those who are engaged in this ministry it is not just a task, it is a source of their own spirituality, and an expression of their love of the Church, the Body of Christ.”
Phil Horrigan, “The Environment and Art Committee: A Parish Ministry”

At Holy Martyrs, we invite members of our community who have the skills and an interest in creating items to be used in our liturgical environment. The areas where these skills and gifts can be channeled include:

  • arranging flowers and plants,
  • making banners (fabric or handmade paper) for the backdrop behind the altar and for the balconies,
  • creating paraments (the hangings on the altar and ambo), and
  • hanging banners and paraments at the change of liturgical seasons and for certain solemnities and feast days.

We also encourage the participation of those who would just like to help. There is always a need for individuals who would like to help with changing banners, altar frontals, and plants for particular liturgies (such as confirmation, first communion, Pentecost, All Saints, etc.). In addition, many hands are needed for decorating the worship space, Gathering Area and other areas of the facility for the major liturgical seasons (Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter).

Involvement in liturgical environment ministry is a wonderful way to move more deeply into the liturgical seasons. Please let us know if you feel called to this ministry!!

Commission Representative: Deb Terrell

Staff Liaison: Janet Payton, 330.722.6633