Holy Martyrs Catholic Church

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

“As ministers of Holy Communion be, therefore, especially observant of the Lord’s command to love your neighbor. For when he gave his body as food to his disciples, he said to them: ‘This is my commandment, that you should love one another as I have loved you.’ ”
Book of Blessings, No. 1875

To be an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion is to be intent on the work of liturgy caught up in singing, procession and even silence. To be such a minister is to know deeply that we are the Body and Blood of Christ and that we make up the praying community. To be the praying community is to learn how to be in this world with reverence, with a love of God that is incarnate in how we speak to others, how we move amidst the holiness of matter and of time.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion at Holy Martyrs are individuals who assist at the parish masses. They set up the sacred vessels, bread and wine and distribute the Eucharist to those assembled at Mass. Some also visit the sick and homebound to distribute communion and pray with those individuals. Those wishing to serve in this way must be fully initiated in the Catholic Church (i.e., have been baptized and confirmed, and receive Eucharist) and be recommended by someone on the parish staff. Once a person has been asked and decided to serve as an Extraordinary Minister, he or she must take a Diocesan training class prior to serving. The class is scheduled at various parishes twice a year. Additional training and commissioning will take place at Holy Martyrs.

Coordinators: Rich and Lori Ruh
Staff Liaison: Janet Payton, 330.722.6633