Holy Martyrs Catholic Church


“The ministry of the lector at Mass is pivotal to the whole liturgical celebration. At stake is the experience of the sacramental presence of the Lord both in the word and Communion and with one another. Lectors are performing a real ministry of presence and communion … they accept that the Lord is active and present to the assembly through their proclamation, that the Lord longs to speak and be heard in the biblical word they enunciate.”
James M. Schellman, America Magazine, March 29, 2004

When you answer the call to be a minister of the word or Lector (one who proclaims the Scripture readings to the assembled faith community), you enter a deeper relationship with the Word of God as revealed in sacred scripture. You take upon yourself the duty and privilege of bringing the printed word to life – making it flesh. Our lector ministry gives voice to God’s healing and strengthening Word as it is taken forth from the assembled community out into the world, achieving the purpose for which God sent it. In every sense, you become a prophet – one who speaks for God. If you share the passion to want to know more about God’s Word and would like to share your charisms of faith by proclaiming God’s word, please consider becoming a Lector!

Coordinator: Mary Anne Mayer
Staff Liaison: Janet Payton, 330.722.6633