Holy Martyrs Catholic Church


“There is a need … to ensure that all those present, children and adults, take an active interest … at those points where the liturgy suggests and recommends it. … [B]ecause of the common priesthood received in Baptism, ‘the [people] participate in the offering of the Eucharist.’ … Offering the sacrifice and receiving holy communion, they take part actively in the liturgy,” finding in it light and strength to live their baptismal priesthood and the witness of a holy life.”
Apostolic Letter “Dies Domini: The Day of the Lord,” Pope John Paul II

One of the challenges at Holy Martyrs is the limited seating capacity within our worship space. When the church is filled to capacity, many people must sit in the Gathering Area. Most individuals and families who are seated there would be unable to participate fully in Mass without the help of those who operate a video camera that projects the images and actions of the Mass on two large screens in the Gathering Area. Volunteer camera operators keep the camera focused on the person at the altar (the priest, deacon or lector) and make sure the monitors are working properly. This is a wonderful ministry to develop skills using a video camera that also provides an opportunity to deepen one’s understanding of the Mass and to make Mass more meaningful for those who wishing to participate more fully in the liturgy.

Staff Liaison: Janet Payton, 330.722.6633