Holy Martyrs Catholic Church

Little Rock Scripture Study


Making Time for Scripture Study in Your Busy Life

For many years, Holy Martyrs has provided an opportunity for parishioners to learn more about the Bible. Using a program called Little Rock Scripture Study, which was created by the Diocese of Little Rock in Arkansas, parishioners come together regularly to learn what the Church teaches about Sacred Scripture and how to integrate God’s Word into their own lives. The program consists of four elements:

Daily Personal Study

Spend about 20 minutes a day prayerfully reading and reflecting on a section of Scripture. Questions and readings help direct the reflection, while a commentary provides solid Catholic scholarship that leads to deeper understanding.

Small-Group Sharing

Meet regularly in small groups to pray and share responses to the study questions. Trained small-group facilitators encourage the sharing of personal thoughts and experiences in an atmosphere of openess and trust.

Wrap-Up Lecture

Listen to a brief video/DVD lecture that follows the small-group discussion. The lectures develop and clarify the themes of the lesson.


Prayer is the most essential of the elements. In addition to daily personal prayer, learn to use Conversational Prayer, a simple, effective method of prayer used in the small group. A source of unity, support, and guidance, prayer is the key to the success of your Bible study.


If you are interested in participating in Little Rock Scripture Study, please contact the parish office at 330-722-6633.