Holy Martyrs Catholic Church

Core Team

Through a four-year curriculum, Life Teen serves as the catechetical component that engages high school teens in a meaningful and fun way. There are few things more rewarding than helping young people connect with their faith.

Trained adults (called Core members in Life Teen) lead the teens deeper into their Catholic faith through what is called a Life Night experience. Teens grow as a faith community by experiencing together what it means to be a young Catholic in today’s world. our Life Nights are packed with engaging, interactive and fun experiences that make this actually happen.

A member of the Core Team will

  • listen, encourage, and build relationships with high school students
  • continue to grow in their own personal relationship with Jesus
  • be a part of the Holy Martyrs Core Team community
  • Be present on Sundays at our 5 pm Life Teen Mass and the Life Night that follows Mass
  • Plan and implement one Life Night every few weeks as part of a planning team
  • Attend core team meetings as scheduled
  • Help plan, participate in, and attend two Life Teen retreats (fall and spring)
  • Be part of the core of adults who attend special/extra activities that the teens participate in (i.e., summer activities)

If you would like to help our Life Teen ministry either as a Core Team member or in another capacity (click HERE for more information), please send us an email.